Video is now the most effective form of marketing. The smartest realtors are embracing the power of video – showing their personality in brand videos, presenting their properties in engaging clips, and highlighting their communities in lifestyle drone videos.

From the full-screen video opener to the embedded property videos on each listing page, our websites are the best when it comes to showing off your video content.

From your creative call to post-production, our team of production experts ensures we capture your brand, personality, and listings as beautifully as possible.

When it comes to adventure photography, photographic technique comes down to making everything as automatic and second nature as possible. Knowing your equipment really well is key as you don’t have a lot of time to set things up.

How you approach adventure photography is how you approach the journey itself. Plan as much as you can ahead of time. Plan for as many contingencies as you can think of. And then just go ahead and do it, knowing it’s never going to be exactly as you think it will be.

An important factor for us as a team is to capture the atmosphere of what’s going on around the main subject. There’s the story you’re working on, but then there’s the outside story of the people you’re with and the people in the region.