At KAP we know your brand, company or project is the most important thing for you that is why we are equipped with the basic and pro material for whatever project you may have in mind.

First of all as you may know camera support and stabilizers are essential in any project as a monopod, tripod or glide-cam in order to offer good stability to any footage we make take.

Audio is key to any video or film we make so we are equipped with wireless shotgun and lav mics.

Lenses must be fast, based on small number aperture, to get good depth of field and good cinematic shots in order to get much more light giving a much better result of any shot we take.

With the use of filters we assure that when we are shooting with our camera and our shutter speed is double to whatever rate of frame we are shooting in be it interior or exterior, the best of quality in any of the scenes we are filming.

We also use drones for our extreme shootings or for air-view of any projects we think need this specific use creating the best and most varied type of images and giving it these specific projects a plus in exterior shootings and extreme locations.